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The ultimate display from AgLeader

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The Integra gives a superb choice of guidance and autosteer options.
Autosteer ready tractors, combines, sprayers etc aren’t a problem along with hydraulic platform kits for the majority of agricultural machines.
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With the Integra there are plenty of GPS options, Agleaders Egnos GPS1600, the GeoSteer autosteer system covers Egnos, Omnistar and RTK via radio or Ntrip.

The CHC GNSS receivers give RTK accuracy via Ntrip or radio at a lower cost
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The current range of Agleader displays are all ISO VT compliant, the Integra comes fully featured with VT, Task Control and Autoswath. Plug and Play ISO for your drill, spreader, sprayer, balers etc etc.

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DirectCommand gives control of sprayers, spreaders, planters and drills most machines can be retrofitted either with hydraulic or electric drives for drills and most sprayers can be adapted.

The NEW ISO liquid control modules gives control via flow, pressure or both and up to 24 sections.
Once the nozzle type has been set spray quality is shown on the display.
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OptRx crop sensing system gives the ultimate efficiency while applying nitrogen to a crop, vary the application via a serial cable to your spreader, controlling an ISO spreader or by using DirectCommand to improve your yields.

It’s not just about yield increases, the OptRx gathers data with minimum operator input send it via AgFiniti to your office and analyse your fields sitting at the PC
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AgLeader have always recorded the yield and application data as a standard feature, with the current range of displays they will log to any USB stick.
Now with wireless data transfer option of AgFiniti makes the data even easier to utilise.
Send data from the field to the office or agronomist from the cab.
Send application files direct to the Integra wirelessly.
View the Integra display while it’s working in the field from the comfort of your office.