Updated web site with the NEW InCommand display coming soon

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Welcome to Precise Solutions GPS Ltd
We offer a full range of GPS, application control, autosteer, boom height control, data recording/analysis systems from Ag Leader, Norac and CHC
Precise Solutions also runs a VRS network that covers virtually the whole of the UK that will provide DGPS and RTK corrections for the majority of GPS manufacturers

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Ag Leader offer a full range of touchscreen displays, GPS, application control and software for every precision farming need.
They are ISO compatible and have a range of ISO modules that can be retroffited to existing equipment giving the most flexible compatible system on the market.
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Norac have a range of boom height control systems, the UC5 and the new UC4.5 offer a solution for every sprayer. Rigid or VG boom options and the ISO VT compatible UC5 system integrates with an existing VT display
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CHC offer a range of RTK GPS receivers, compatible with future constellations of satellites and with inbuilt options of modem or radio give great versatility.
Upgrade an existing auto swath or Ontrac system and gain the efficiency and accuracy of RTK from F1RTK.net or Axion VRS network