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The economical way to add autosteer

  • Easily transferred between vehicles
  • Auto calibration feature
  • Gear driven motor
  • New clutches brushless mechanical drive, high power faster steering
  • Steering encoder built into drive unit
  • Nine Axis terrain compensation
  • Internal compass provides steady heading
  • Compatible with the Integra, Versa and Compass displays

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SteerCommand from Agleader,
Competitively priced and can be utilised with various hydraulic platform kits, Autosteer ready kits and also ISO steering e.g. John Deere R series, Massey Ferguson, Fendt etc.

Accuracy upgrades from Egnos, F1DGPS, Terrastar & RTK are available
RTK messages can be provided by radio or Ntrip solutions.
Versatile and compatible with both the Compass, Versa & the Integra.

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The ParaDyme offers top performance at ultra low speeds, the dual antennae design gives roll, pitch & yaw along with accurate position and heading even when the vehicle is stationary.