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Ag Leader was unofficially born in 1986 in the basement of Al Myers’ home with a handful of parts from an electronics store and a vision to improve agriculture through high-tech innovation. By June of 1992, after developing and testing the world’s first practical and accurate on-the-go yield monitor, Al Myers left his day job as a design engineer to start Ag Leader Technology. In his first year, he sold a total of ten yield monitors.
It wasn’t long before word of the technology had spread across the countryside. In 1995, the company sold 1500 Yield Monitor 2000s. Within the next few years, the company expanded into new facilities in Ames, Iowa, hired dozens of employees and introduced precision farming software and a number of new products designed for GPS, guidance and variable rate application.
Today, with nearly 200 employees, Ag Leader is considered the leading innovator in precision farming technology with the most complete package of products designed to help farmers plan, plant, apply and harvest more accurately, efficiently and profitably.